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Four killed in a truck crash in Gazipur

5 January 2017, 11:50:32

Gazipur Correspondent: Four people killed by truck accident in the area of Bhagia of Gazipur City Corporation including truck driver. This incident took place in theBaghia-Rajabari road on Wednesday night at three o'clock.

The deceased are truck driver Sohel Mia 29, Bengadubi of Badarganj Thana’s Sujan Rai, 23, Dilip Roy, 22 and Kajal Roy, 24.

The families of the deceased and the locals told, Sujan, Kajol and Dilip were workers of a brick kiln of Karam Mollah in the area of 11 ward of Baghia.

The truck was returning with the workers after downing bricks in the area of Mouchak of Kaliakoir upazila in night.

At one stage, when the truck fell into a deep ditch of baghiyaya. The three workers were killed on the spot. Truck driver was seriously injured.

Mobarak Hossain, sub-inspector (SI) of Konabari police camp, confirmed the incident. Litigation is in process.

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