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Hasina-Sirisena conference

Free Trade Agreement to be signed this year

14 July 2017, 4:59:00

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka agreed for entering into a free trade agreement this year.


The two countries came to the decision during official conversations between Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena and Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka on Friday. 


‘President Sirisena and prime minister Sheikh Hasina unanimously came to the decision to sign the Free Trade Agreement by 2017,’ foreign secretary M Shahidul Huq said while talking to the reporters on the outcome of the meeting.


The foreign secretary said both countries decided to complete all negotiations and studies in this regard as soon as possible to make way for the FTA, which will be the first such agreement of Bangladesh with any country.


‘The decision on FTA is a big political push towards trade and investment collaboration between the two countries,’ he said.


PM's press secretary Ihsanul Karim and Bangladesh ambassador to Sri Lanka Reaz Hamidullah were present.


The foreign secretary said the meeting, held in a very cordial atmosphere, mainly focused on trade, investment and agriculture.


He said out of 14 instruments signed between the two countries seven are on trade and investment and agriculture. Sri Lanka is keen to learn from the success of Bangladesh in agricultural sector to bring revolution in seed production, he said.

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