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GDP growth to be projected at 7.4pc says Muhith

16 April 2017, 4:36:16

Finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith on Sunday said that the growth in gross domestic product would be projected at 7.4 per cent in the new fiscal year that will start on July 1.

The deficit of the new national budget would cross five per cent plus for the first time, the minister claimed.

The deficit could be projected at 5.4 per cent, he said while speaking to the reporters after presiding over a meeting on country’s micro-economy and the budget management at the secretariat.

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He said the country’s GDP growth in the outgoing fiscal year would be no less than the projection of 7.2 per cent.

In the meantime, the budget deficit in the outgoing fiscal would not cross the projection of five per cent, Muhith added.

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