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Girls eclipse boys

30 December 2016, 4:55:21

Staff Correspondent: Girls have outshone boys in all scales in primary and junior school certificate exams this year.

They are well ahead of their counterparts from their participation and success rate to achieving the highest grade, according to results of the public examinations came to light yesterday.

For the last several years, girls' performance in class-V and class-VIII terminal exams had an upward trend with them lagging behind in one or two scales, but this year they outshone boys on all counts.

In primary terminal examinations, 98.51 percent children came out successfully, which is close to the last year's pass rate — 98.52 percent. The number of GPA-5 achievers rose to 2,81,898 from 2,75,980 last year.

The success rate in Ebtedai (primary level of madrasa) examinations, held along with the primary-level exams, is 95.85 percent.

In Junior School Certificate (JSC) exams, the pass rate hit a record high of 92.89 percent with 2,35,059 students securing GPA-5 under eight general education boards across the country, up by 47,557 from last year.

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