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Prime Minister in press conference

Govt prepares all necessary things to defend flood situation during the monsoon

4 July 2017, 6:40:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said her government has all preparations to defend the flood situation during this monsoon across the country.


When the premier addressed in a function at his office in the capital on Tuesday she said flash flood few days ago in country's haor areas and present flood in Sylhet area are also a precaution of flood in southern part of the country.

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Southern parts of the country might be underwater at the end of August, she realized.


Quoting the PM BSS said, "But we have all preparations. We are taking measures to assist the people of the affected areas with food and other materials."


Though we attempt to keep the extent of damage to lower level, but naturally any disaster have an effect on economy, she added.


On the occasion, National Wages and Productivity Commission submitted report to the Prime Minister.


The prime minister mentioned about two previous floods saying in 1988 many people died in lack of food, but her government successfully could manage the situation in 1998 when Bangladesh experienced longest flood in the history and 70 percent area of the country went under water.

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