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'Govt wants to influence polls by e-voting'

16 February 2017, 7:48:25

Staff Correspondent: BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Rizvi Ahmed today said that the government wants to take advantage with people’s mandates by introducing electronic voting system in the next general election likely to be held in 2019.

“It is a farsighted decision of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” Rizvi came up with the allegation at a press briefing at the party’s Nayapaltan central office, a day after the premier expressed her keenness in the parliament to introduce e-voting system.

Claiming that the government will be able to manipulate vote using the system easily, he said it is nothing but an effort to forge vote in the election. “It is just output of the premier’s cheating.”

He said Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmed, just outgoing chief election commissioner, introduced the system at some centers in Chittagong City Corporation polls in 2010 on an experimental basis.

But the then CEC has been forced stay away from the system in the face of protest from different political parties including BNP, he added.

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