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Study Buddy is an alternative platform for kids

Actually the problem Learning disability and difficulties are neuropsychological disorders in which a person’s brain works differently affecting one or more basic processes and Dyslexia, Autism, Dyscalculia, ADHD are some Details

China’s doctor shortage prompts rush for AI health care (video)

Chinese companies have been learning from other countries to develop and implement AI-assisted care such as medical imaging diagnosis, robot surgical systems, and drug research and development. The small device, which Details

All in the Mind

Mental health support in the community; Insiders' Guide to Mental Health; Confidence all in the Mind has been following the progress a scheme called Think Ahead, which trains high-flying graduates Details

Men at higher risk of dying of AIDS than women: UNAIDS

Men are less likely to test for HIV or access antiretroviral therapy and, therefore, are more likely to die of AIDS-related illnesses than women, UNAIDS said on Friday. Around the world, Details

3,700 doctors receive training on Chikungunya 

Some 3,700 doctors have been provided training on Chikungunya in the wake of outbreak of the mosquito-borne viral disease in the capital and elsewhere in the country. This information was published Details

Within 10 days will drop abdominal fat!

The earliest fat fades in stomach. There is a drink in your home, which will reduce the fat of the stomach in just 10 days.  It's Ginger and Cumin. Ginger and Details

Children at greater risk of dengue infection

The children who are more than six years are at a greater risk of dengue infection since they spend more time in crowded places like schools and parks, says a Details

10,000 doctors to be recruited soon through Special BCS

Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammed Nasim on Thursday said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given approval of a decision of recruiting at least 10,000 doctors through a special BCS Details

More consciousness can check chikunguniya

If people are more conscious and keep their surroundings neat and clean, chikunguniya can be impeded, Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim said on Saturday.   To raise consciousness on chikunguniya, Details

The govt is thinking of establishing a specialized hospital for hemophilia patients

Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim on Tuesday told Parliament that the government is thinking of establishing a specialized hospital for hemophilia patients. The minister also said that, there are Details

Should we take tea in summer season?

Tea lovers are sometimes asked, 'How do you have your tea under a scorching sun?' Well, the answer could be out and simple; hot teas do not make you feel Details

1,000 more community clinics to be built across the country

The government will establish a total of 1,029 new community clinics in different areas of the country to receive the basic health services to the people's doorsteps.   Besides the new clinics, Details

The reasons why picking your nose and eating it could be good for your health

It is one of the nasty habits parents try in vain to halt their children from doing in public.   But it may be the incorrect reaction to tell a child off Details

Some reasons why you must eat mangoes during summer

Some important reasons are why must eat mangoes. They are safe for diabetics, you dance with joy. The magician behind Kareena Kapoor's post pregnancy weight loss is now a household Details

4 reasons why should avoid drinking cold water even in hot weather

Ice-cold drinks are refreshing in the summer heat, and drinking ice water can assist you burn calories. But there’s lots of anecdotal evidence that drinking iced drinks can be bad Details

Now desi cow’s milk is the new health fad

The best and superb reason to save the desi cow has nothing to do with bovine politics. It is milk. Desi doodh, or A2 milk from indigenous cows, is becoming Details

Drinking diet soda leads to memory loss!

There is not very much of avoiding of having sugary drinks, and substituting the sugar with artificial sweeteners doesn't seem to help. If you thought switching to diet soda can help Details

Some easy home remedies to prevent hairfall

Aloe Vera: With alkalizing properties that reinstate the natural pH levels of your scalp, aloe vera is your go-to for healthier hair. The enzymes present in it, are known to Details

Pig organs using to treat newborn babies with birth defects

Newborn babies suffering from birth defects will be treated with altered pig organs as doctors in Britain become the first in the world to use the procedure.   The procedure will be Details

Air pollution may lower ‘good’ cholesterol in heart risk

Exposure to higher levels of air pollution may go up cardiovascular disease risk by lowering levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), commonly known as “good” cholesterol, says a study. Higher exposure to Details