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A plant in your garden that eats mosquitoes!

Having a moneyplant or a cactus in your verandah is so predictable. More and more plant lovers are Details

6 myths you probably don’t know about an aquarium

Online Desk: Keeping fish in aquariums is a hobby which is quite common. People are often very apprehensive Details

Women’s view about 'selfie paradox'

Online Desk: Researchers found that many people regularly take selfies, but most people are not keen in viewing Details

Successful operation to remove the extra appendages

Online Desk: A baby born with four legs and two penises has had a successful operation to remove Details

10 effective ways to propose to a girl

Online Desk:It's Propose Day and time to pop the question to the girl of your dreams! Though being Details

A little dog with broken spine gets a wheelchair

Online Desk:A little dachshund found abandoned in trash bag with a broken spine in Philadelphia last month is Details

Most expensive house of the US contains a cinema hall

Online Desk:A newly-built Bel Air mansion has been listed for sale for $250 million in the US, making Details

Baboons make five vowel-like sounds like humans

Health Desk: Human speech is thought to have come about relatively recently, within the last 70,000 to 100,000 Details

Google Doodle celebrates New Year

Online Desk: Google doodle observed the new year by dropping balloons as the clock strikes 12. Last night, the Details