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I am very well along with my family and business

Bd24live: How are you along with family and business?? Shakil Khan: Alhamdulillah… I am very well along with my family and business. I hope, I may be happy them for lifelong. Bd24live: Details

Eid festival for a prostitute!

Bd24live.com: How did you spend Ramadan and Eid? Mariam( not real name): Ramdan and Eid festival are not for us. Are we human being? We are prostitute. Who will look after Details

We led very miserable life

In 1975 when the leader of K force durin war of liberation Khaled Mosharraf was killed, His family led very miserable life. Khaled Mosharaf’s daughter and member of parliament (reserved seat for Details

I feel comfortable when I perform

Mousumi Hamid, one of the popular actresses nowadays, had become runners up in Channel-i super star in 2010 and after that she began her media carrier performing in many dramas Details

Foreign journalists praise for good security system

Although some developed countries raised questions about safety system in Bangladesh, some representatives from different countries attended the IPU conference and they were very pleased with safety systems in Bangladesh. Details