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‘Have trust and confidence in the Awami League’

14 March 2017, 8:34:48

Staff Reporter:Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday called upon the countrymen to keep confidence and trust in the Awami League and reelect the party in the next elections to serve the people again.

“Have trust and confidence in the Awami League . . . we hope you would give us another chance to serve you by making our candidates victorious in all elections in the upcoming elections,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League president, was addressing a mammoth public meeting organised by Laxmipur district unit of the party at Laxmipur Stadium here this afternoon.

The premier said Awami League has already proved that work for the welfare of the people could be done if there is an intention.

“There is no need to raise demand to the party as it liberated the country under the leadership of Bangabandhu. Awami League knows well how to ensure development for the people,” she said.

The premier urged the countrymen to work together for building a developed and prosperous Bangladesh as well as a beautiful society.

“We want the country to be developed and prosperous … let's build the country together. We have a firm belief that we could be able to achieve the goal, Insha Allah,” she said.

She said she has dedicated her life to the interest, welfare and development of the people. “It is my promise that, if needed, I would also sacrifice my life like my father for establishing Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous nation in the world by changing the luck of the people.”

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