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HC orders Varma to screen ‘Sarkar 3’ for scriptwriter

19 March 2017, 8:16:04

Entertainment Desk:Ram Gopal Varma's 'Sarkar 3' starring Amitabh Bachchan has landed in trouble. The Bombay High Court has ordered Ram Gopal Varma to organize a private screening of 'Sarkar 3' for Nilesh Girkar, the scriptwriter of the movie, before March 20.

Girkar approached the High Court on January 30 claiming that even though he had written the script for 'Sarkar 3', RGV had not given him the due credits. He also alleged that he hadn't been paid the entire amount that he was promised at the time of writing of the script. The film has been embroiled in a copyright infringement suit since then.

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In the hearing held on March 11, Justice Gautam Patel had asked Varma to deposit Rs 6.2 lakh in court as a payment settlement amount. Now, in the latest move, on March 17, Justice Patel asked Varma's lawyers to hold a screening of the film for Girkar and his lawyers before Monday, as this will help Girkar determine if his script has indeed been used in the film. The court has advised Girkar and his counsels not to carry any recording devices with them during the screening. The court also directed Varma to deposit a copy of the original script of his film to the court and give a copy to Girkar.

The scriptwriter has worked with Ram Gopal Varma in the past and has penned scripts for some of his films such as 'Department'.

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