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High Court to hear petition over EC law on Sunday  

11 January 2017, 12:34:33

Staff Correspondent: High Court Division of the Supreme Court on Wednesday has been asked for issuing the directive on the authorities concerned to formulate a law for constituting the Election Commission.

A Supreme Court lawyer Eunus Ali Akond filed the writ petition. The government is supposed to formulate a law for constituting the Election Commission under article 118 of the constitution, the petition said. The government is yet to take any initiative according to this constitutional provision.

In the petition, Advocate Eunus asked the court to issue a ruling asking the authorities to explain why they should not be directed to formulate a law for forming the EC. Cabinet secretary, law secretary, chief election commissioner and the election commission have been mentioned as respondents in the required ruling.

The HCD may hold a hearing on the petition on next Sunday.

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