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Holidays may increase till April 9 over coronavirus situation: PM

31 March 2020, 1:43:41

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the general holidays might be extended till April 9 as part of the government move to stop spreading the deadly coronavirus.

“We have earlier announced 10 days general holidays from March 26 (to April 4) and it might be extended till April 9,” she said.

She was exchanging views over the coronavirus situation across the country with the public representatives and field level government officials through video conference from her official Ganabhaban residence here.

The premier said the holidays might be extended to end spreading the COVID-19 at the villages as many people have already gone to their village homes soon after the announcement of 10 days public holiday.

In this context, she said, “We will have to take quarantine period into consideration so that this lethal virus can’t spread.” The prime minister said the government has to give relaxation on some sectors in the limited basis.

The government earlier on March 23 declared a nationwide 10-day holidays from March 26 to April 4 shutting down the government and private offices excepting essential and healthcare facilities over the COVID-19 situation.

All have been requested to stay-at-home during the holidays unless they have a good reason to leave their homes to buy essentials such as food and for medical and health care purposes as the kitchen markets, food shops,
pharmacies, hospitals and all emergency services remained out of the purview of the general holidays.

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