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Home Minister for peaceful solution with Myanmar

22 September 2022, 12:00:02

Terming Bangladesh is a peace loving country, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today said mortar shelling issue will be resolved through mutual talks with Myanmar.

“We achieved our independent through war, so we are the nation of heroes,” he said after a high-level meeting at his ministry conference room because of repeated mortar shell firing on Bangladesh territory from Myanmar.

“Our Prime Minister is not in the country. We are observing a situation that Myanmar Army is engaged in war with Arakan Army, which ammunition is coming across the border to our country,” he said.

“After the meeting, we have come to the conclusion that our national policy is friendship to all and malice towards none. We always
discourage war,” he said.

“Not a single Rohingya will be allowed to enter Bangladesh. The Border Guard Bangladesh and law enforcing agencies are also working to this end,” he said.

Mentioning that on Friday a person was killed and some others were wounded when mortar shells fired on a camp from Myanmar side, Kamal said that Bangladesh strongly condemned it.

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