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HRW calls for sanctions on Myanmar

18 September 2017, 3:10:00

Stopping ethnic killings against Rohingyas UN and concerned countries needs to banned Myanmar. The human rights organization said so (HRW) Human Rights Watch. The Organization has called for sanctions in the other cases, including arms sales near the country.

It is said in the statement published on the HRW website on Monday (18 september). "World leaders are gathering in New York at this time, to join the United Nations General Assembly. They should discuss the crisis in Myanmar on priority basis and condemn the ongoing massacre and humanitarian assistance.

The statement further said, 'The security council should take immediate steps to issue restrictions on the people who are involved in crimes related to the crimes committed in Myanmar and to seize their property.

HRW has urged the military cooperation, including sanctions on arms exports and suspension of financial assistance in the military-related institutions.

Asia's Advocacy Director John Sifton said, "Myanmar security agencies are carrying out racial segregation against the Rohingyas. The time has come to impose a ban against the country which the army chief can not ignore.

In context, Russia, China, India, Israel and Ukraine are the main exporters of arms exporters in Myanmar.


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