Human chain at DU campus protesting assault on quota protesters

14 April, 2018 5:20:00

Just after the Mangal Shobhajatra passed the Charukala premises, a group of students on Saturday found standing with placards protesting the attacks on students during the quota reformation movement. 

Manob, a student of Dhaka University (DU), also the convener of the human chain at TSC beside Raju Sculpture, said the human chain was arranged to protest the attacks on students and demonstrators during the quota reformation movement.

Questioning the safety of students in DU campus, Manob said, ‘We don't know what will be the ultimate decision regarding quota reform, but no one is talking about what happened to the demonstrators during the movement.’ 

"We held this human chain to remind people about the issue as well as the decision about BCL leader Esha so that it doesn't get faded away with the Pahela Baishakh celebration.” 

Another DU student, Arshadul Haque said, the decision on Esha by the authority is enough to loose students' trust on them.

"At firmly the DU authority suspended Esha's studentship saying she was guilty but later changed the decision within 48 hours", he said. 

However, after the movement, a large number of general students became more aware and united, claimed Arshad.

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