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Hyderabad to host India vs Bangladesh Test in February

9 January 2017, 7:24:40

Sports Correspondent: Rubbishing the rumours that his association will not host the Bangladesh Test scheduled from 13 February, the Hyderabad Cricket Association secretary K. John Manoj said they have already written a letter to the BCCI seeking release of funds to host the Bangladesh Test match and other domestic events

“Let me set the record straight that HCA has never ever shown reluctance to host the Test. We are issuing tender notice for in stadia advertisement today. Also we are set to sign a deal with TCM (Twenty First Century Media) within a day or two. I don't know who spread all these rumours,” HCA Secretary Manoj said.

We really have made arrangements for Bangladesh to come a bit earlier as they would like to play a three day warm up game, he added.

The Test will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Hyderabad.

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