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Jaaz multimedia in press conference

If Boss 2 is not released, no other movie will be released this Eid

14 June 2017, 12:29:00

Abdul Aziz, the main producer of Jaaz Multimedia and also director, told the reporters on Tuesday,“If Boss 2 is not released this  Eid, no other movie will be released.” at a press conference held by Jaaz multimedia.

Abdul Aziz also said, Boss2 has been made by obeying rules and regulation of joint venture policy. We hope, we will be able to release this movie this Eid.

Indian Bengali superstar Jeet and Bangladeshi popular actress Nusrat Faria were also present there during press conference.

Bangladesh Film Development Corporation’s review committee did not give no objection certificate to this movie.  The preview committee is taking preparation to send official letter of objection to Information Ministry.

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