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In Jessore garage fire 2 brother killed

26 December 2017, 10:30:00

Assistant Director of Jessore Fire Service and Civil Defence Station Parimal Chandra Kunda said the fire originated around 8:30pm following the blast of an electric transformer when denting was going on at the garage near Rajonigandha Filling Station.

The transformer turned into a fireball and fell into a truck parked inside the garage, he said, adding that the blaze soon engulfed the entire garage, burning down it along with three trucks and a covered van.

On information, five firefighting units from different stations rushed in and brought the fire under control around 10:30pm.

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They also recovered the charred bodies of two people from the garage.

Additional Superintendent of Jessore Police Naimur Rahman said at least two people were killed in the incident while two others suffered injuries. The injured – Kabir Hossain and Ashraful – were taken to Jessore General Hospital.

He, however, could not identify the deceased.

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