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In Rajshahi Barind 2,000 palm seeds sown

9 October 2019, 12:34:48

Around 2,000 palm seeds were sown in three drought-prone Barind areas aimed at reducing the rate of casualty caused by thunderbolt in the area. The seeds were sown on both sides of three-kilometer roads from Kaliar School to Balika village and from Jhikra to Namojhikra under Nachole Upazila and Sonapara Bazar to Malipukur under Tanore Upazila in the district with participation of the local people. Agriculture Sustainable and Socio-economic Development Organization (ASSEDO), a national level voluntary development organization, organized the seed-sowing programme in association with Bangladesh NGO Foundation from last Saturday to Monday.

Main thrusts of the program were to increase forest resources, enhance awareness of farmers about plantation, improve organic matters status of soil and create employment opportunity. Nachole Upazila Chairman Abdul Kader and its Vice-chairman Rejaul Karim, Tanore Upazila Chairman Lutfor Haider Rashid and its Vice-chairman Sonia Sarder, Upazila Agriculture Officer Samiul Islam and ASSEDO Executive Director Agriculturist Rabiul Alam were present at their respective programmes.

“We have enormous prospect of growing palm, date, palm-oil trees in the region as there are huge fellow land besides the roads and highways and demand of various processed food items,” said Rabiul Alam. He added that that there is no need for additional care and nursing for these palm tree cultivation. He defined that role of Palm tree which is very important to reduce the rate of casualty caused by thunderbolt that claims lives of both people and domestic animals every year.

Roadside palm-tree plantation activities on the improved roads need to be promoted successfully that will ultimately help reduce carbon emission at a substantial level and that is very important to face the adverse impact of climate change in the region.

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