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Hindi Medium box office

Irrfan Khan-starrer film enters into 100 cr club

18 June 2017, 3:57:00

Irrfan Khan and Pakistani actor Saba Qamar starrer film has crossed Rs 100 crore and become the fifth film to enter the 100 crore club. It was released with Half Girlfriend a month back. While Half Girlfriend did not do wonders at the box office, Hindi Medium continues to impress fans.

Hindi Medium might have begun its box office stint on a slower pace in comparison to its rival film Half Girlfriend, but even after a month of its release, its journey is still continuing. The film has gained Rs 100 crore at the worldwide box office and is hoped to maintain its pace in the coming weeks too. In fact, the Irrfan Khan film has become the fifth movie of the year to enter the 100-crore club.

According to Bollywood Hungama, Hindi Medium has managed to aggregate Rs. 102.64 crore, with Rs. 90.29 crore coming from the domestic market and Rs. 12.35 crore from the overseas territories. Well, it seems even though the film had a target audience as it released on only 1126 screens, it has managed to enthrall and entertain people across the whole nation.

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