ISIS poster threatening World Cup terrorist attack depicts Lionel Messi crying blood

প্রকাশিত: 11:53 AM, 25 October, 2017

ISIS has attempted to instil fear in football fans ahead of next year’s World Cup with a twisted move involving megastar Lionel Messi.

Posters issuing direct threats to World Cup fans are being posted by ISIS supporters.Source:Supplied

A SICK poster of Lionel Messi crying blood from behind bars has appeared on ISIS propaganda channels in a chilling threat to football fans and players.

Posted by terror group the Wafa Media Foundation, the depraved image is being shared by fanatics in an attempt to spread fear ahead of next year’s World Cup in Russia.

Words attached to the mocked-up picture read: “You are fighting a state that does not have failure in it’s dictionary” — despite Islamic State having been driven out of its self-declared capital Raqqa this week.

The post featuring Lionel Messi.Source:Supplied

It is the second direct threat to fans gearing up to travel to the World Cup in just a week.
Another showed the Russia 2018 logo with an armed jihadi posing beside it and the words “Wait For Us” in Arabic.

Authorities are treating the threats to the football festival next summer seriously, as parts of Russia are rife with ISIS fanatics.

Rebels in Muslim-majority Chechnya have turned to the warped ideology in their droves and have been behind a series of deadly attacks in the country.

In April, 14 people were killed when a bomb was detonated on a packed underground train in St Petersburg.

Russia put itself further in the crosshairs of sick terrorists after the Kremlin ordered a relentless bombing campaign against their comrades in Syria last year — seen by many as a decisive turning point in the war.

Russia is a target among bitter ISIS supporters.Source:Supplied

Another propaganda poster shows an armed fighter looking over Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium — where the World Cup final will be played on 15 July 2018.

It reads: “O enemies of Allah in Russia, I swear that the fire of the mujahideen will burn them, just wait.

Australia is still attempting to qualify for the month-long tournament which kicks off on 14 June. Source:

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