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6th birth anniversary of bd24live

It was a challenge to establish the media as an independent media

14 May 2017, 4:11:00

Bd24live is a name of soul. I am saying this because it is an independent media. We can be proud of the sole independent media of Bangladesh. From the beginning, it was a challenge to establish the media as an independent.

Today is 14th May, 2017. This day of 2011 we started our journey. Bd24live is an online news portal based on different streams and varieties. Today is the 6th birth anniversary of the portal. This media does not move in a traditional trend.

And so it is not suitable to celebrate birthdays by playing drums and drums. As much as possible, we are limited to share with colleagues in our own office. This year's birthday is a little different. This year, the donation money for our establishment anniversary ceremony has been given to the flood victims of Sunamganj.


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