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Italian cops use water cannon and batons against refugees for occupying Rome square

24 August 2017, 6:44:40

Italian police are using water cannon and batons against refugees they clashed with who had occupied a small Rome square in defiance of an order to leave a building where they had been occupying.

Video footages showed people screaming and attempting to attack on police, who were dressed in riot gear, with sticks. The square, one block from Rome’s main train station, was strewn with mattresses, overturned rubbish bins and broken plastic chairs.


About 100 people had occupied the place of square since Saturday, when most of about 800 squatters were evicted from an adjacent office building they had occupied for about five years.


Hung on the building was a sheet with writing reading: “We are refugees, not terrorists,” in Italian.


A small fire burned on the footpath and a sheet hanging from a first-floor window was set alight by squatters inside.


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