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JS panel forms sub-committee for textbook errors

25 January 2017, 6:44:55

Staff Correspondent:The parliamentary standing committee on primary and mass education ministry on Wednesday constituted a three member sub-committee to scan the errors and mistakes in primary school textbooks handed over to the students for 2017 academic year.

The parliamentary watchmen formed the sub-committee from its meeting held at Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban. The sub-committee would be headed by Shamsul Hoque Chowdhury and two others members would be Ali Azam and Mohammad Ilias.

The parliamentary watchmen formed the committee when government conducted drawing flaks for mistakes and changes in the textbooks for 2017 academic year by National Curriculum and Textbook Board.

NCTB officials informed the committee that Class III Hindu religion studies book includes a wrong moral instruction on its back page. It reads, ‘Do not heart anybody’, whereas it should have been ‘Do not hurt anybody’. In the Bangla book for Class III, the poem Adarsha Chhele by Kusumkumari Das has been reworded.

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