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Keep children and youths away from criminal activity  

29 January 2017, 1:48:02

Staff Correspondent: Putting emphasis on qualitative and time befitting primary education Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday urged people of all classes and professions, including teachers, public and private organizations, to work together for the development of country's education sector.

“Children are the future leaders, so there is no alternative to turn them educated,” she said while inaugurating the National Primary Education Week-2017 at Osmani Memorial Auditorium organised by Primary and Mass Education Ministry.

She said qualitative and time befitting primary education is needed in order to build educated human resources.

Stressing the need for learning of real history of the Liberation War and the struggle of the country for independence the Prime Minister said, We’ve liberated our country through winning in the Liberation War, we are the victorious nation, all will have to know the history our struggle and the Liberation War, children will get confidence through knowing the accurate history,”.

She also urged all to come forward with united efforts for keeping children and youths away from any sort of criminal activity.

“Recently it is seen that children and youths are involved in criminal activities, it is better to provide them counseling and love than strict controlling to keep them away from these. They will have to understand that this path is not right for them, this path is bad for them,” she said.

She also asked the teachers to give special attention to the students so that the children and students stay away from criminal activities.

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