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PM in 20th council

Khaleda receives power by following Ayub Khan

20 May 2017, 5:48:00

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said Khaleda receives power by following Ayub Khan’s government system.

The premier also said, Awami League has to fulfill the promises it made to people to give them a prosperous life.

‘Remember, we’re pledged-bound to give people a prosperous life…the Father of the Nation had said this …we’ll implement his ideals,’ she said while addressing a two-day special extended meeting of the party at Ganabhaban in Dhaka.

The prime minister said Bangladesh is now regarded as a role model in the world.

‘We’ve achieved this through our works. We don’t run the country in sleep, we know the country’s problems, we know how people are living in a particular area under what condition… we work out our development programmes keeping those in mind,’ she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the chief of the ruling Awami League, asked the party leaders and activities to remain vigil so that there could no irregularity in any development programme.

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