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Khaleda urges govt to take steps to prevent the spread of chikungunya

14 July 2017, 5:16:00

Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia on Friday requested the government to take instantly steps to check the spread of mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya.

Khaleda Zia in twitter twitted that ‘I pray for the early recovery of those affected by chikungunya. I strongly urge the govt to take urgent steps to eradicate the causes (of the disease).’

Earlier on Thursday, BNP standing committee members at a conference with Khaleda in the chair voiced deep concern over the outbreak of chikungunya in the capital.

They also criticised the government for its failure to prevent mosquito panic in the wake of outbreak of the viral disease.

Chikungunya has spread fast in the capital with the start of monsoon this year.

According to the World Health Organisation, chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes causing fever and severe joint pain.

The disease was first detected in 1953 in Tanzania. The first case of chikungunya was identified in Bangladesh in 2008.

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