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Killing wife man uncontrollably sobs and falls to the floor of a police station

15 May 2017, 7:22:00

A NSW man accused of killing his wife allegedly sobbed on the floor of a police station as he claimed to the officers, his wife died after jumping on a knife.


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Gavin John De Beyer was detained on CCTV footage at the Campsie Police Station in February 2016 as he reported Sharon Louise Michelutti's death, the NSW Supreme Court heard on Monday.

A number of police gave evidence this week in the trial of De Beyer, who has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Michelutti at their Riverwood home.

They testified to seeing a sobbing man, wearing a red top, jeans and a red cap, in the foyer of the Campsie police station at about midday on February 1.


As he cried uncontrollably, saying 'she's dead,' he slumped onto the floor.


Senior Constable Vanessa Bolas said she heard moaning and loud sobbing before she saw a man curled up in a fetal position.

When she bent down she recognised him 'from previous dealings with him and his family over the past 10 years.'


The jury was shown the CCTV footage, which did not record sound, of the man going into the foyer, and then lying on the floor.

De Beyer was taken to another area where he slumped on a sofa, getting up and down, and continued to sob saying his wife was dead.


Senior Constable Bill Moussa-Khalil told the jury he heard the man say: 'She was holding a knife and she jumped on it.'


Sergeant Bartholomew Ganaine heard him say: 'My baby is dead, she killed herself, I tried to save her.'


Another officer testified that he had previously attended the couple's house in relation to domestic incidents between De Beyer and his wife.


Ms Michelutti, who died of a single stab wound, was found on her bed with the covers pulled over her whole body.


The trial is going on.

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