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Know details about Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge’s love story

25 April 2017, 7:31:00

Cricketer Zaheer Khan declared the news of his engagement to actress Sagarika Ghatge on Monday night. The much-in-love couple is extremely individual about their personal lives, and the two have rarely spoken much about their relationship in public. We bring you the details of this love story that has taken everyone by surprise.

At cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s wedding to actress Hazel Keech late last year, Zaheer and Sagarika made a statement with a joint appearance. While another rumoured cricketer-actor couple stole the headlines with a rare public appearance, Zaheer and Sagarika then made news by holding hands on their way to the stage. By the end of January, it was reported that the two had been dating for four months, but there was no official confirmation from the two.

Zaheer celebrated his last birthday with Sagarika and her friends. The actress posted a picture with the cricketer for the first time to wish him a happy birthday. The twosome would go on to attend many events and soirees together post this picture on Sagarika’s Instagram profile. Months later, the squad got together to celebrate Sagarika’s birthday and Zak was very much present at the party.

Rohit Sharma, who joined the Yuvi’s wedding ceremony in Goa, shifted his focus on Zaheer Khan with a cheeky tweet. Hinting that it was Zaheer’s turn to get married next, he tweeted, “Brotherman down! Best wishes to my older brother @YUVSTRONG12 ! All eyes on @ImZaheer now

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