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Know why Vinod kept cancer a secret for many years

28 April 2017, 10:33:00

As the news of Vinod Khanna’s death made its way across India, we were reminded of a media interaction the actor-politician had in his constituency Gurdaspur early this year. Vinod, who looked healthy, had reached his constituency after a while and was asked wherever he went why he has been away for a long while. It was then that Vinod disclosed the big truth: He was suffering from cancer.

Vinod Khanna said he was speaking about his long absence as he is a politician and active in public life. He was answering questions posed by media on why he was not seen in his constituency, Gurdaspur, even after the attack on Pathankot airbase.


He said he would not have disclosed his illness if he was not a politician. He said that he got to know he had cancer six years ago. At that time, his daughter was giving an important school exam and needed her parents support. The actor-politician said he kept the cancer secret from everyone due to this.

Vinod also said that he felt he has at last won this battle and even doctors considered him 80 percent cured. Vinod had said that he had used various alternative medicine methodologies in the fight against cancer and in the last one year, he had to travel to Germany a number of times in this regard. He said he has not been through heavy chemotherapy but had to undergo surgery and that was the reason why he was not in his constituency when Pathankot attack happened.

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