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Kohli confident of India winning World Cup

23 May 2019, 10:36:09

Virat Kohli is determined to win the upcoming World Cup and said on Tuesday that he would want to dedicate the triumph to Indian soldiers.

Speaking to members of the press before Team India’s departure for England where the World Cup will be played from May 30th, Kohli hailed bravehearts of the Indian armed forces.

“We will win the World Cup this time for Indian soldiers. You can get motivated from a lot of sources but I doubt there is any bigger motivation than the soldiers. You cannot compare the role played by you in comparison to the army. If you proceed with the motivation that you want to achieve something for the army then there is nothing better than that. It may be the case that some players get motivation from their families, but we are sure to get extra motivation from the fact that we want to win the World Cup for the army,” the Indian skipper said.

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