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Landslide kills 2 in Sylhet

23 January 2017, 4:22:42

Staff Correspondent:At least two stone workers were killed and several others were injured as a portion of a hillock made downfall on them while they were lifting stone from Shah Arefin Tila in Companiganj of Sylhet on Sunday.

Police identified the two dead bodies as Abdul Hadi, 36, and Abdul Kabir, 35, from Netrokona district, said Miah Abul Kalam Azad, second officer of Companiganj police station.

“The death toll may rise,” he added.

A portion of the hillock collapsed on them while a total of 13 labours were extracting stones from there at noon, leaving the duo dead on the spot, Miah Abul Kalam Azad said.

Earlier on November 15, another stone worker, named Anwar, 35, was killed in a landslide at the same hillock.

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