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Law is being created to stop coaching business: Education Minister

30 September 2017, 12:37:54

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has said that law is being done to stop any business from education, to stop coaching business. On Thursday(Sep 28) in a city hotel, at the inauguration of the day-long national workshop titled 'Future Technical and Vocational Education-Training (TVET) Scheme in Bangladesh to achieve sustainable development targets (SDG)' this is what the chief guest said in the speech.

Education Minister said that coaching business in the educational institutions of the country will be stopped soon. We are thinking to stop guides and notebookes also. Action will be taken against those teachers who are spoiling and wasting the education environment by coaching business.

He added, Consistent with institutional education, more emphasis will be to increase the involvement with technical education. He said that vocational school colleges are being developed to keep pace with the world.

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Parents and students' interest in technical education has been created. Due to the number of initiatives and activities of the present government, the rate of technical education asmission rate is 14 percent. Now, with the expansion of technical education, the quality of improvement is being reviewed.

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