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Mahira finally gets to promote Raees in India

5 February 2017, 6:03:06

Entertainment Desk:Pakistani actor Mahira Khan finally got to be a part of the promotions of her Bollywood debut ‘Raees’ through a video call. She was at her candid best.

Mahira Khan was kept her aside from her Bollywood debut and everything around Raees. Now that the film is a hit and minting good money at the box office, its team has all the reasons to celebrate. And while Shah Rukh Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani and Nawazuddin Siddiqui had a success event at the Cisco facility in Mumbai, those present were in for a surprise. The film’s leading lady was also present there through a video chatting.

Yes, we finally got to meet Mahira Khan, the female lead of Raees over the giant screen, and she was as excited to interact with the Indian media as we were. Mahira was at her candid best during the online video date at the promotional event.

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