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Marcel Digital Campaign draws huge customers’ attention

2 November 2017, 2:59:00

The ongoing Marcel Digital Campaign is drawing huge customer’s attention across the country. Every day, a good number of buyers are thronging the local brand’s outlets to purchase various sorts of electrical and electronics appliances and then spontaneously registering their purchased items with the hope of getting different worth of cash vouchers, ranging from Tk 300 to Tk 1,00,000.

According to the Marcel’s area managers and sales representatives of different zones, the nationwide Digital Campaign created a festive mood all over the country. 

Both the Marcel showrooms and the most important places of different districts are decorated with arcades, banners, festoons and posters to attract customers towards the Digital Registration Campaign. 

Leaflets are distributed among localities. Rallies with band party are organized in different districts or zones. 

Mentionable, Marcel kicked off the campaign on October 8 to store the details of the sold appliances with customers’ name and contact numbers by the registration of the sold items so that the local brand could deliver swift post sales services. 

To inspire the customers in making the campaign successful through registering their purchased appliances, Marcel offered a scope of winning Tk 1 lakh cash voucher everyday on the registration of Tk 10,000 or above worth of appliances. Already, some buyers have received Tk 1 lakh cash voucher after registration of just buying only one appliance like a fridge or LED television of Tk 10,000 or above it.

Mosharof Hossain Razib, additional director and marketing head for north zone of Marcel, said, customers in some cases were disinterest in registration of their purchased appliances.

But, the offer of a scope of getting Tk 1 lakh worth of cash vouchers everyday and instantly handing over various sorts of appliances as per the value of the cash voucher to the winners encouraged the customers in registering their purchased Marcel appliances spontaneously, he said.

After registration, customers have been waiting for getting SMS of cash vouchers from Marcel and those who received Tk 1 lakh cash vouchers are overjoyed, he added.

Dr Md. Shakhawat Hossen, deputy director and marketing head for south zone of Marcel, said the customers are considering this campaign as an exceptional initiative.

He said, this registration is not only offering a scope of getting sure cash vouchers on the registration to the customers but also bringing the local brand’s post sales services under its online network.

If the registered customers lost the warranty cards of their Marcel products, they would also get desired after sales services from any corner of the country, he added.

Marcel area Managers from Dhaka, Chittagong, Noakhali, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Khulna, Barisal, Jessore, Rajshahi and other different districts informed that they are conductive massive advertisement of the Digital Registration Campaign in their respective areas, which are resulted in raising the customers’ gathering in Marcel outlets. They, along with the winners of Tk 1 lakh cash vouchers, are holding rallies with band party. 

Peoples from youths to senior localities are also joining in the rejoicing rally. The customers are bringing various sorts of appliances like fridges, LED televisions, microwave ovens, air conditioners elc. with the Tk 1 lakh cash vouchers just buying only one product, they added.

Jahid Hasan, area manager of Rajshahi zone of Marcel, the massive advertisements of the campaign across his jurisdiction are resulted in getting huge customers’ attention and thus experiencing huge customers’ gathering at the showrooms.

Shakhawat Hossain, area manager of Noakhali zone of Marcel, said, few number of customers have already won Tk 1 lakh cash vouchers in his respective areas. Every day a good number of customers of this region are thronging the outlets of Marcel to get cash vouchers after registering their purchased appliances., he said adding, as a result, sales of Marcel products were jumped up sharply in the current month.

Ujjal Kumar Barua, monitoring head of logistic department of Marcel, said that this campaign has a positive impact on the sales.

Sales of Marcel brand appliances were gone up by about 20 percent in the period of January to October of 2017 compared to the same period of the previous year, he said adding, sales of Marcel LED TV were jumped up by about 50 percent during that period.

He also hoped that the sales would increase in the coming days of the campaign.

Starting on October 8, the offer of enjoying cash vouchers under the ‘Digital Registration Campaign’ will be continued till December 31, 2017.

Marcel is now manufacturing and marketing more than two hundreds electronics and electrical home appliances, including about 50 models of fridges, 30 models of LED TV and several models of air conditioners.

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