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Mediacom Signed Contract with Banglalink’s video streaming app Toffee

6 September 2021, 4:23:55

Mediacom Limited has recently signed a contract with country’s fastest mobile network Banglalink’s video streaming app Toffee. Under the contract, Mediacom will provide content management and promotion related services along with media buying to Toffee. Mediacom started its operations with Toffee from September.

The contract has been signed by Erik Aas, the Chief Executive Officer of Banglalink, and Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, Managing Director of Mediacom Limited on behalf of their respective organizations.

Audiences can experience live television by using the Toffee app which has more than 100 television channels. Further to this, the audience may enjoy TV series, drama, cinema, telefilm, music, live sports anywhere from Bangladesh using any network for free. Toffee also offers a local creators’ platform where content creators get a chance to showcase talents, make their own content and monetize from it.

Mediacom Limited is a concern of Square Group that has been successfully managing the country’s leading local and multinational brands’ marketing and communication activities for more than two decades.

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