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Minister behind transport strike: Fakhrul

1 March 2017, 5:51:46

Staff Reporter:Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Wednesday accused that a minister and a state minister had a tacit support in enforcing the countrywide transport strike that caused untold public sufferings.

‘The person supporting the transport strike is an influential minister of the government. He is not alone…a state minister is with him. They've made an anarchic situation making people the worst sufferers only to protect their own interests,’ said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

He came up with the comments while addressing at a discussion arranged by BNP at the National Press Club in memory of those army officers killed in Pilkhana carnage on February 25-26 in 2009.

Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation enforced the countrywide indefinite strike on Tuesday protesting two court verdicts — one sentencing a bus driver to life imprisonment in a case filed for a road accident that killed five people, including noted filmmaker Tareque Masud and cinematographer Mishuk Munier while the other sentencing another drive to death in another case filed over a road accident.

About public sufferings, Fakhrul said, ‘On my way to the Press Club from Uttara, I've seen how people, including women, suffered on roads for lack of public transport…many of them had to go to their destination on foot.’

Referring to the killing of a worker in a fight between transport workers and law enforcers in the city, the BNP leader said an unstable and uncertain situation has been prevailing in the country for lack of a representative government. ‘The government is destroying the country to secure its own and party interests.’

He also slammed the government for what he said illogically raising gas tariffs.

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