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Misha Sawdagar elected president of BFDC

6 May 2017, 5:09:00

Bangladeshi famous film actors Misha Sawdagar-Zayed Khan panel have won the biennial election of Bangladesh Film Actors’ Association.

Film actor Misha Sawdagar has been elected president while Zayed Khan general secretary of the artistes’ association, said director Mantajur Rahman Akbar, who played the role as the chairman of the election commission.

Nadir Khan and Riaz have been elected as vice-presidents, he added.

The election of the artistes’ association was held at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation in Dhaka on Friday.

Some 57 candidates vied for 21 posts, including that of president and general secretary, from three panels – Omar Sunny-Amit Hasan, Misha Sawdagar-Zayed Khan and Dany Sidak-Ilias Kobra – in the polls.

Some independent contestants also participated in the election.

The last election of the artistes’ association was held on January 30, 2015 when Shakib Khan was elected president and Amit Hasan general secretary.

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