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Jolly LLB 2 song Bawara Mann comes out today

11 Jan, 2017 20:23:53

Entertainment Desk:Akshay Kumar is starting 2017 with his Jolly LLB 2. We have seen the film’s trailer, its Holi song Go Pagal and now is the time to welcome its second song, Bawra Mann. The song coincidentally is Akshay Kumar’s favourite number from the film and after listening to it, we totally understand why. In fact, we are in love with it already.

What we love even more is the exchange between Huma Qureshi, who plays Akshay’s wife in the film, before the song begins. Akshay’s way of showing love in the film is, well, different. He tells Huma that there is no other husband in Lucknow, where the film is set, who will be making a whiskey peg and offering it to his wife. Akshay also plays the father to a son in the film

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