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'The govt has taken a zero tolerance policy'

18 Mar, 2017 18:16:03

Staff Reporter:Terrorist attacks are being carried out to demoralise the law enforcers ahead of the general election in the county, said Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today.

“Attackers have targeted the law enforcement agencies to demoralise them and hinder the national election in a planned way,” Quader said while speaking a programme at LGED auditorium in Dhaka.

The government has already taken a zero tolerance policy against militancy, he said warning that the terrorists will be dealt strongly.

Quader’s remarks came on Saturday noon, hours after an unknown criminal was killed in RAB firing when he attempted to encroach Rab-3 check post with a motorcycle and explosive at Shekher Jaiga area in Khilgaon early Saturday.

Besides, a suspected suicide bomber sneaked into a Rab barrack and blew himself up in Ashkona, in what appears to be the country's first such attack inside a law enforcement agency's compound yesterday.

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