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Militancy will be dispelled, says PM

26 Mar, 2017 17:29:13

Staff Reporter: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, militancy will be dispelled from our country and called the isolated people to back right way.

She made this comment while speaking in Independence Day at Bangabandhu National Stadium on Sunday morning.

She said Islam is the religion of peace. Islam said, suicide is a great sin.

People who are being isolated, they should come back right way, she said. They should not select the way of militancy, terrorism, suicide.

The prime minister mentioned the contribution of Bangabandhu for country and said the citizen of Bangladesh will get develop life.

“I want, Bangladesh will go ahead. Nobody will be capable to hinder them. We want to rouse our head in the world, she said.”

The premier also called guardians that “Our children will study sincerely. They will lead honest life. They will be perfect human being in their life.”

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