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Mother chimp makes her own hole in a stolen water bottle

19 Apr, 2017 20:30:00

This monkey does not mess around when she/he is thirsty - well, there's no time for lids in the wild.


A photographer took a photo of a mother monkey drinking out of her mouth-made drinking hole at the bottom of a bottle.

However, her baby appears to be more clued up as he attempts to show his mother how to unscrew the cap.

Puskar Nepal, 21, a freelance photographer, shot the video in Swayambhunath, more commonly known as Nepal's Monkey Temple.


He said: 'I was sitting on a bench with a bottle of water in one hand and a bag on the other hand.


'Suddenly a thirsty monkey snatched the bottle from my hand and the younger one joined her.

'She made a small hole at the bottom of the bottle with her sharp teeth.


'It looked like the younger one was trying to open the cap on a number of occasions and teach his mom the right way to drink water from the bottle.


'I was too close to them taking  the moment into a frame and I was afraid of them snatching my camera.'

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