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Donald Trump announces to expand US military intervention in Afghanistan

22 Aug, 2017 18:24:00

Donald Trump has declared that he would prolong the US military intervention in Afghanistan, which he once described as a “complete waste”, bowing to advice from his top officials to raise the stakes once more in the 16-year conflict.


In a televised address to troops at Fort Myer in Virginia, Trump said he was setting out a new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia. But he did not say how many more troops he would send, how long they would stay, or what their ultimate objective was.


The president announced there would be more responsibility on the Afghan government to perform better, in civilian and military terms, and on the Pakistani government to clinch for militants who find a haven along the Afghan border. Trump warned that Islamabad would have “much to lose” if it did not comply.

However, the Trump White House has already given the Pentagon authority to deploy another 4,000 more troops to bolster the 8,400 there already and vice-president Mike Pence was reported to have told Congress that 3,900 extra soldiers would be sent.

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