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31 lakh voters data stolen from the server!

18 Sep, 2017 13:47:00

Information about 31 lakh voters in the country have been disappeared from the Election Commission's servers. Election Commission sources said, which is 3 percent of the country's total voter.

According to EC sources,  Because of not getting the information of voter on the EC server, 31 lakh citizens are deprived of various citizen services including smart card convex.

Beginning of the year about 1 percent of voter information was not available. But, as long as it is going voters information is missing from the server quickly.

currently 10 million 18 Lakhs voters in the country. Among the voters 3 percent of the voters lost their information from the EC server. To check their information Shows up (no fonts), no information is comeing. These voters will have to be voters again. Although the national identity card is in hand, the voters will not get the smart card because the EC does not have information on the server. These citizens will be deprived of various services, including opening bank accounts.

Section of National Identity(NID) Director General Brigadier General Saidul Islam, told BD24Live.com we are investigating this problem. It will be resolved quickly. All that Voters information is not available, they will be given smartcards later.

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