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Bangladesh Security Council

All Rohingyas will have to get back

29 Sep, 2017 15:37:00

Myanmar will have to retuen the Rohingyas who came to Bangladesh last one month and took shelter in the past. The ambassador of Bangladesh, Masud Bin Momen, demanded the debate in the Security Council.

He added,although the Myanmar government claimed, violence did not stop yet. Everyday people are running away. On the basis of religion and ethnic identity, the massacre is going on.

The Bangladesh delegation also called for the formation of a Security Council committee to investigate the incident of Rakhine. He wants to intervene in the returning of Rohingya to the international commumity.

All the new Rohingyas have come and those who were earlier, all will be able to return home safely. 
We look forward to the presence of international observers during the scrutiny.

Myanmar envoy's said, foreign diplomates will visit Rakhaine on Monday. He also invites UN Secretary General to visit Myanmar.

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