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More than 200 BNP men sued in Jhenidah for vandalism

5 May 2017, 5:15:00

A case was lodged against 235 leaders and activists of BNP for vandalizing the municipality community centre during factional  clash on May 3, UNB reports.

Asaduzzaman, an official of the municipality office, recorded the case against 35 identified and 200 unidentified BNP men with Sadar Police Station on Thursday night.


President of District unit BNP Mashiur Rahman was among the accused.


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Earlier, on May 3, a number of BNP men were injured in a clash between two factions of the party during a meeting of District unit BNP at the municipality community centre.


Valuables, including windowpanes, glasses, furniture and the main gate of the community centre, were ransacked by the BNP men during the clash.


However, police detained nine people in connection with the incident.

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