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Nationwide lockdown extended for one more week till April 28

19 April 2021, 7:13:52

The government in the aftermath of a massive spike of corona virus infections has decided to extend on going countrywide lockdown till April 28.

“The National Technical Advisory Committee on COVID-19 recommended to extend the nationwide lockdown for more seven days ,”State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told journalists here today.

“Scientifically, enforcement of lockdown for at least 14 to 15 days is effective to contain corona virus infection cycle ”, he said adding that the next lockdown will remain in force from April 22 to 28.

Farhad said the lockdown will be a stricter one with same restrictions imposed in the previous week .

Meanwhile, the decision to extend the on-going lockdown from April 22 has been taken in a secretary level meeting chaired by Cabinet Secretary Khondoker Anwarul Islam held virtually on Monday.

Principal Information Officer (PIO) Suroth Kumar Sarker disclosed this in a briefing at his own office in the secretariat this afternoon. “The current lockdown has been extended for a week and will continue to remain in force from April 22 to 28,” said the PIO.

In the wake of massive surge of the lethal corona virus, the weeklong lockdown was first imposed from April 14 and it will end on April 21 .

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