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'Natural gas will be imported from Qatar'

6 March 2017, 8:31:19

Staff Reporter:Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Monday said “Construction of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) terminal will be completed by 2018 and natural gas will be imported from Qatar to meet the demand of the country.”

He said, there will be no gas crisis in the country after the completion of the construction work of the floating LNG terminal in deep-sea by 2018.

The commerce minister made the remarks while delivering speech to journalists after holding a view-exchange meeting with Qatar ambassador to Bangladesh Ahmed Mohamed Al-Dehaimi.

Tofail said Qatar proposed to boost economic, trade and technical relations with Bangladesh and both the countries agreed to work jointly in those areas for mutual benefits.

He said Bangladesh exported products worth US$33.27 million to Qatar last year against its import of US$139.30 million.

The commerce minister said Qatar has expressed interest to increase its investment in Bangladesh as it considers Bangladesh as a safe place for investment. The entrepreneurs of Qatar will be given a suitable special economic zone for investment, he added.

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