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NBR awards Walton as highest tax payer

19 November 2017, 9:10:00

The country’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ has been awarded the highest tax paying certificate for the second time. In firm category, the National Board of Revenue honored Walton Micro-tech Corporation and Walton Plaza with the awards of the first and the second highest tax paying companies respectively for the fiscal year 2016-17. 

Recently, the national exchequer gave away tax cards and crests to a total of five highest tax paying companies during the FY 2016-17 under the firm category prize at the concluding ceremony of week-long Income Tax Fair-2017 at the newly under construction headquarter of the NBR at Agargaon  in the capital. 

In the event, the national exchequer gave away tax cards and crests to a total of 141 individuals and business enterprises under 36 categories. The board also honored 84 families with the title of ‘Kar Bahadur.’

Receiving the highest tax payer crest, Walton Group’s Executive Director SM Zahid Hasan said, “Walton always pays due taxes following the government’s tax structure properly. As a result, we have been awarded the highest tax payer title for the two consecutive years. 

We believe that such recognition will encourage the country’s other enterprises in paying highest taxes to the national exchequer. Along with the highest tax, Walton as a local company also deposited highest amount of money to the Government Workers’ Welfare fund.” 

Walton Group’s Senior Operative Director Uday Hakim said, “Walton in all stages of its business maintains transparency, which is resulted in gaining honor from the government level. 

Thanking the NBR for giving the recognition of the highest tax payer to Walton, he said, “We are not only leading the country’s advancement in the hi-tech industry but also cooperating the government’s development activities through properly paying revenue that is being treated as Oxygen to the country’s development. 

Walton authorities said, the local brand won the faith of all-classes customers through providing world-class products at reasonable prices. Consequently, both the sales and the demands for Walton products are increased substantially across the country and thus the realization and payment of VAT also increased, they said.

By producing high-tech electronics and electrical appliances within the country, Walton is not only creating a bright image of Bangladesh at the global arena but also playing a remarkable role in raising the government’s revenue through following the government’s taxes rules and regulations properly, they noted. 

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